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Business Amplification

As a Credit Union, you stand for something special. Something unique. Something different. We believe you deserve to be seen this way.

The good news: more so than ever, people prefer organizations like yours.

The bad news: it can be to stand out in all the noise. We know how frustrating it can be when you have such a great story to tell but you just aren't getting the attention you deserve. 

This is why we created a special program just for the leadership of Credit Unions.

We will help you:

  • Attract more of your ideal member type
  • Earn new members more easily
  • More effectively retain existing members
  • Make smarter marketing decisions
  • Increase member engagement
  • Elevate internal culture and excitement

Mind the Gap is a national leader in creating business growth through the use of Member Engagement as a market differentiator.

We believe attracting your ideal members through all touch-points is dramatically more powerful, more effective and less costly compared to selling or convincing.

Ever wonder what those stand-out organizations do that make them, well... stand out? The simple answer is they tap into something exceptionally powerful to drive their success - their members and internal teams. More specifically, they prioritize nurturing the relationship their members and staff develop with their brand.

Some of our results:

$2.3+ Billion       The amount of Revenue our strategies drive each year

$390+ Million     The amount of New Revenue our strategies generated in 2016

We have extensive experience in financial and professional services. We understand you and what is important to you. Some of our clients include:

Graham Gill Mind the Gap President

Graham is a national leader in Customer Engagement and leads businesses and institutions across the US to achieve tremendous growth. 

With over 20 years of proven results, in 2009 Graham founded and is now President of Mind the Gap.

Graham is a routine speaker on the subject of audience engagement strategies and tactics, optimal website design and the benefits of building continuity through all touch-points. He has been awarded by and is now an Associate Judge (for the 7th consecutive year) for the internationally renowned Webby Awards. Graham also serves on various curriculum and professional advisory boards.

"I have collaborated with Graham numerous times, both as a client and fellow board director. On every occasion he contributed tremendous value to the project and the team. Graham has an expert understanding of communications and engagement strategies. From small website enhancements to ambitious rebranding rollouts or end-to-end onboarding programs, Graham consistently delivers inspired, thoughtful, effective solutions. His broad knowledge of marketing and technology adds a refreshing, informed perspective to every discussion. Graham is the upbeat, driven kind of person you call when you need some advice from “that really smart guy” for just about any problem."

- Andy Wright, AVP of Marketing & Delivery, Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union