Student Attraction


Student Attraction is a comprehensive, cohesive approach to developing powerful relationships with your ideal students.

Your success is dependent upon your ability to attract them to you.


Attraction  Outperforms:

  • contacting

  • telling

  • convincing

  • selling

  • retaining

We developed The Student Attraction Framework (SA) to solve the greatest challenge we see schools facing - modernizing their approach to creating growth.

What does it mean for an organization to adopt a discipline of Student Attraction? Think of it as the evolution of Marketing. But we are going far beyond that and tuning the entire organization to be your competitive advantage. It's about making the relationship you develop with your students your competitive advantage. 

We think it's time for organizations to adopt a new perspective. One where the organization operates as a whole, and not separate units, to create authentic attraction. If you want to grow - grow net tuition revenue, admissions, retention, advocacy, support - then your toolkit must focus on developing attraction. If your toolkit is full of old tactics that rely on telling and convincing... you are not only wasting resources, but you are essentially riding the brakes on your growth. Leading organizations have adapted to the new dynamics. They have scrapped ineffective strategies to drive growth. They have placed their focus on driving attraction. 

Because of our unique approach, Mind the Gap continues to be a national leader in driving strategic, sustainable and predictable growth through the use of Student Attraction (SA) as a market differentiator.

We believe developing attraction through all touch-points is dramatically more powerful, more effective and less costly than having to sell or convince.

It’s our thing. It’s the core of what we create. Our proven framework creates an Authentic and Sustainable approach to Attracting, Retaining and Activating your best students.

Authentic & Sustainable Attraction

The results break records. Application records. Enrollment records. Revenue records. Retention records.

However, your transformed culture, amplified cross-departmental collaboration and, finally, knowing you have genuine control over your growth goals proves the results are sustainable. You will break through the noise and stand out to your ideal students. This is where we excel. This is where we live. This is what we do every day.