Water Damage from unit above


The unit above us, 715, had a pipe break. Water drained from their unit into ours. In the first video, you can hear the water hitting the ceiling. After a few minutes, water poured out from the smoke-detector and also formed a small hole in the ceiling where water also dripped through. You can see that hole is up and to the right of the smoke-detector in the pictures. 

The damage we can see, that is visible, is:

  1. dead smoke-detector
  2. small hole/stain in ceiling
  3. Stained carpet from the water and engineering staff walking in & out on the wet carpet with their work boots on.

Below are videos and pictures. Also pictures of the smoke-detector so you can find a replacement and the contact information for the person in 715 should you need it. 

This video is when it first started... I just heard water hitting the ceiling and then stopped filming when I saw water leaking through...

This video just shows the water damaged smoke-detector and the small hole/stain that formed...


Landmark (move-in + flies)