Growth Through Inspired Customer Experience

Thriving Businesses Aren't Nostalgic


Today’s leaders are redefining their competitive advantages. 

Great products or services no longer can do it alone. 

You know it in your gut – it takes something different now. 


Let’s put it this way – are you still buying typewriters for your employees?

No, of course not.

The world has changed. A lot. And you've evolved as well. Your people communicate with modern tools like email, IM, text and digital collaboration platforms. The reasons are obvious - they produce better results than a typewriter ever could.


Here’s the question:

In today’s new-normal, are you still grasping at old strategies to create business growth? 


Don't Become Irrelevant to Your Customers


Sure, the typewrite analogy is a bit obvious. But here’s the truth every leader faces today: strategies that worked, just 3-5 years ago, can’t produce the same results today.

A lot has changed. Most radically: your customer.

Which means you have to ask yourself: have you evolved appropriately?

Recognize any of these typical symptoms?

  • Is marketing costing more but doing less for your bottom line?

  • Is your differentiation reliant on features or offerings?

  • Do you feel price pressure? Profits not where you want them?

  • Is your competition closing in? Pulling ahead?

  • Are you finding it harder to attract your ideal customers?

You can even look internally:

  • Is it difficult to recruit and retain your best staff?

  • Is every team contributing (positively) to the customer journey?

Now is the time to incorporate powerful strategies that empower your growth. We are the fresh set of eyes who can help you do so.


Here’s the answer:

Today’s market leaders are using

business strategy

as their competitive advantage.


How Market Leaders Differentiate


Is your business strategy a competitive differentiator?

The era of differentiating based on your product or service is over.


We are in a completely new world. Your customers want something more from you. A lot more. Your customer has changed. Have you?

Mind the Gap helps companies implement new, highly relevant strategies to drive their growth.

We call it Authentic and Sustainable Attraction.

And the results are transformational.

And we'd like to show you how.

Mind the Gap is a new kind of business management consultancy. We are a national leader in applying Customer Experience (CX) Strategy as a growth tool. Our uniquely developed approach isn't just better - it's transformational.

We specialize in helping Challenger Brands become category leaders.

  • Are you challenging the status quo?
  • Are you challenging the industry and even the large incumbents?
  • Are you a disruptor?
  • Do you think there is a better way?
  • Do you believe your success requires a customer focus?

Here’s what we know: if you think this way, when you truly connect with your 'ideal' customer, wow, it's a love-fest. In more traditional terms – it’s sustained, profitable growth.

If this sounds like you, we're going to get along famously.

Through our unique, tailored-to-you and insightful strategic approach, we work with you to produce big-picture strategies along with effective, realistic tactics that have an immediate impact. The kinds of impact you’ll be excited to report to your board.

7 Defining Attributes of Today's Leaders


What does a market leader look like? These are the top 7 skills high performing organizations master.


Today's leaders know business performance is directly connected to the quality of the relationship they have with their customers.

Look at any high-performing business and it's easy to see they prioritize the customer experience. 

Category leaders create growth because they are better able to:

  1. Attract more of their ideal* customers
  2. Reduce the time and cost to win new customers
  3. Marginalize the competition
  4. Hire and retain amazing staff...
  5. Increase net revenue...
  6. Increase customer satisfaction and retention...
  7. Increase advocacy (word of mouth)...

* You are crystal clear on who your ideal customers are, right? ...and you know the damage having the wrong customers in the mix can cause, right? Not sure? Don’t worry, that’s one of the first things we’ll get super clear on.

  • What if this were all possible with your existing staff and infrastructure?
  • And imagine for a moment, what if that was just the tip of the iceberg on what is possible?

If you want to create growth, then we are the right partner for you.

No gimmicks. Just results.

With our guidance, our clients surpass revenue and profit goals – year after year.

Now is the time to make this a priority.

It is easy to start seeing meaningful results.

Our relationships begin with small steps and progressively grow at a natural pace that you and your environment dictate.

Here is our challenge to you

This is a dare. No, a double-dare. OK, it's a double-dog-dare actually. If you've read this far, don't stop now. Schedule a chat to learn more about our methods, our results and what we can do for you. We promise you won't regret it.


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