Growth Through Inspired Customer Experience



This Is Kind of Awkward


Talking about ourselves.. it's not our thing. Our focus is on you and your success. Well, it’s more like a passion. Ok, fine, we confess:

We Obsess About Your Success.


So who are we? swanky Venn diagrams
… no jargon-y words, acronyms, Copyrighted© and Trademarked™ words to suggest how savvy we are nifty icons to show a process that seems revolutionary.

That’d be boring and predictable… and that's not our style.



  • are the ones who see things others don’t.

  • see opportunities in the voids.

  • find the story hiding in the margins.

  • exist in the a-ha moments.

  • are pilots for new thoughts.

  • are architects of new ways.

  • are change maestros.

  • are deconstructionist of the complicated.

  • have a theme song - it is: Better–Faster-More.

  • are the ones people naturally looks to when the question gets asked: “anyone have ideas on what we should do?”


Find Out What We Can Do For You

We’ll help you drive growth through:

  • Better Results from Search Purchases

  • Greater Volume

  • Increased Yield

  • More Applications

  • More Deposits

  • Less Melt

  • Increased Net Tuition Revenue

  • Better Retention

  • Greater Alumni Engagement and Support


Known For


Sustainable Growth. That’s our hallmark.


Mind the Gap continues to be a national leader in driving strategic growth through the use of Student Attraction as a compelling differentiator.

We believe developing attraction through all touch-points is dramatically more powerful, more effective and less costly than having to sell or convince.


The Name

Curious about our name? It describes the problem we are committed to solving for you - closing the gaps.


The truth is, for a number of reasons, it takes a new perspective to excel today.

Organizations fail to grow because of huge gaps:

  • Gaps between schools and your ideal students.

  • Gaps between your internal teams.

  • Gaps between you and your ideal new hires.

These gaps hold you back.

We are committed to closing your gaps. We are not just management consultants. Of course we'll lead you. More importantly, we create an environment of learning in the process so you have everything you need to sustain your growth. We do more than help you close a gap: we help you Mind the Gap. 



We'll get you there.  Everyone’s “there” is different – but it always boils down to growth.  

And with us, the growth is huge.


Because we produce measurable and meaningful results, our clients trust us with their most important objectives.

These are some of the ways we measure that trust:


For Higher Education

960,000+ Students
The number of students recruited by our strategies each year

$478+ Million
The amount of new Net Tuition Revenue our strategies have generated

One time gimmick? Nope! Our clients don’t just hit their goals – they continuously surpass their own performance records - year after year.

And, finally, yes, 100% of our clients say they would hire us again.

When our clients continue to work with us through multiple projects over multiple years - that's when you know we are doing something amazing for them.


“Results are gained by exploiting opportunities, not by solving problems.”
-       Peter Drucker

It’s easy to get distracted by problems - let’s see things differently and exploit your opportunities together!

Our How


OK, hang on. This is super cool. But it’s like trying to explain quantum theory on a website. What you really should do is set up a time to meet. It’ll be 1-hour that changes how you see your universe. Seriously.  


Maybe you already know the best way to grow is by enhancing the student experience. Fantastic! You are already ahead of the curve.

The best growth comes from being fanatically focused on your student. And not at just one step – their entire journey with you. That’s why we will teach you to focus on engaging - not just communicating. Student Attraction Strategy is a comprehensive discipline - it's a way of being.

Yup, this is different. But it's also something you'll quickly discover feels natural and right. 

Our Promise to You


You'll hear us say this a lot: the journey to the results often represents the greatest value.


Here's how we approach our journey with you.

#1   We never sell

No one likes to be sold. We believe value should be self-evident. From our first meeting to every subsequent recommendation we make, we will never sell you. We will offer you recommendations, guidance and insights we truly and genuinely believe are right for you.

#2   Your interests come before everything else

Everything we do starts with “what’s best for our clients” – from the services we suggest to the recommendations and guidance we provide. Your betterment lives at the heart of all of our thoughts and actions.

#3   We take it all very personally

We immerse ourselves into your world and realities. We think about your objectives with the same care and urgency you do. From a perspective of empathy, the leadership we offer will be relevant, realistic and appropriate for you.

#4   Becoming your trusted advisor is something we earn

Actions speak louder than words. Results speak louder than actions. We continuously work to earn your respect and appreciation to the point where we become an invaluable, go-to resource for trusted leadership, advice and guidance.

#5   Recommendation that are only for you

We don’t believe in ‘one size fits all’ solutions. Actually, we think it’s duplicitous to conduct a consultancy that way.

#6   We listen first

We listen until we fully understand you. We believe the right guidance for you can only come once we have an intimate understanding of your unique situation. We don't ever use preconceived strategies.

#7   You are always in control

While we are proactive in provide guidance and leadership, we put you in control of everything we do together. You have control over any aspect that is important to you. From pace, priorities to methods.

#8   Teaching you is our priority

Our working style is designed to teach and empower your autonomy. While some vendors hide their methods or tout on the value of the deliverable, we work transparently with you so that the journey towards deliverables creates knowledge and wisdom your team can re-use. While we love working with our clients, we believe you should be able to adopt our insights and run with them. We purposefully build in knowledge transfer so you can develop the level of autonomy you desire.

#9   We do what we say

We know you have a lot at stake. We appreciate you are putting a lot of trust in our partnership. You can count on the commitments we make.

#10   We do everything to prevent surprises

We think through every possible scenario we can imagine. We use our extensive experience helping other organizations through change. We are proactive in discussing possible challenges and your preferences as we proceed. We are transparent and candid in all our dealings with you.

We do indeed mean for these to set your expectation.  We are a different kind of consultancy.

Our Story

Mind the Gap was founded with the purpose to solve the challenges that hold your organization back from its true potential. We eliminate the gaps between you and your success.


Founded in 2009, Mind the Gap quickly became a nationally recognized leader in Student Attraction Strategy. Mind the Gap leads organizations of all sizes and types to achieve record-breaking growth.

For over a decade, Mind the Gap has a defining role in shaping best practices for Student Experience and Student Engagement. Mind the Gap has led organizations to create some of the best engagements in the U.S. Our unique vision, strategies, tactics and accomplishments have produced tangible results and have been nationally recognized and awarded. Mind the Gap’s founder serves on numerous Advisory Boards is an Adjunct Professor and has authored curriculum used by leading universities.  Mind the Gap is frequently invited to give presentations on growth strategies that utilize student attraction and engagement strategies and tactics, optimal website design, social strategy and the benefits of building continuity through all student touch-points.

What happens when your strategies and unique approach to Student Attraction become so widely respected and awarded? One result: our work becomes the yardstick by which others are evaluated. That's why, year after year since 2008, the world famous Webby Awards asked us to join their roster of judges to help shape the best of the web. Who better to help you design your customer engagement experience than those actually selected to judge the best of the best?

Giving Back

It's Our Passion

We are fortunate. Our work has earned us an incredible reputation. This reputation of creating amazing results for our clients keeps us very busy. But not too busy to give back. 


countless organizations work tirelessly each day to improve our world. The work they do is beyond wonderful, it's essential. Unfortunately, many of these organizations run incredibly lean. Many are under-resourced in nearly every measure. keeping the lights on is hard enough - access to high quality marketing and engagement guidance is rare. 

Our belief is simple - just because you are an under-resourced organization doesn't mean you shouldn't have access to high quality partners. 

It's Our Way of Saying Thank You!

Approximately each Quarter, we select one organization that would not otherwise have access to great guidance and donate our time and services. We are incredibly impressed by those who work each day to improve our world - this is our small way of saying thank you.

Could Your Organization Be Our Next Partner?

If you feel like your organization is a good fit for our Give Back Partnerships, please click below to read more about the details and to connect with us.